Last Updated: 24 Oct 2010 GMT +8.

greetdelay is a program to introduce a small delay before an SMTP greeting for qmail. It also enforce RFC 2821's recommendation that SMTP clients not send any commands before receiving the greeting message.

If RELAYCLIENT is set in environment variable, greetdelay will be skipped. Set environment variable GREETDELAY to any numberic value greater than 0 to enable greetdelay to wait for the set value before executing other program.

If SMTP clients send any commands during the greet delay period, "554 smtp protocol violation (#5.5.1)" will be responsed with "premature input on stdin" will be printed in stderr and exit with exit code 111.


This package is copyright © 2010 Giam Teck Choon or CHOON.NET, and may be copied according to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) Version 2 or a later version. A copy of this license is included with this package. This package comes with no warranty of any kind.


  • 24 Oct 2010 GMT +8 : Version 0.04
  • Includes Makefile, README, COPYING, AUTHORS and greetdelay-0.04.spec
  • Use Makefile to ease installation and uninstallation
  • 08 Sep 2009 GMT +8 : Version 0.03
  • Fix the description
  • 03 Sep 2009 GMT +8 : Version 0.02
  • Fix wait delay by checking the stdin first
  • 02 Sep 2009 GMT +8 : Version 0.01
  • Initial release

How to Compile, Install and Use?

Please read the README file provided in this package which contains more information about doing custom installation and so on.

cd /usr/local/src
tar jxvf greetdelay-0.04.tar.bz2
cd greetdelay-0.04
make install

  • Line 1: Change current working directory to /usr/local/src
  • Line 2: Download greetdelay version 0.04 source
  • Line 3: Unpack greetdelay version 0.04 source
  • Line 4: Change current working directory to the newly unpacked greetdelay source
  • Line 5: Run make to compile
  • Line 6: Run make install to install

In your smtpd run file, place greetdelay before qmail-smtpd (assuming greetdelay and qmail-smtpd is in your PATH):

tcpserver -R -h 0 smtp greetdelay qmail-smtpd

Set environment variable GREETDELAY to any numberic value greater than 0 and export it in smtpd run file if you want to enable greetdelay globally or set it in your smtpd tcpserver rules.

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